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I'm no promoter. I'm really not. However, this is just cool.

This is Kim. (Who took a special picture just for me. Heee)

Kim! YAY.

Kim Boekbinder, otherwise known as The Impossible Girl, is crowdsourcing a tour. Let me explain. This is an independant artist who loves connecting with her fans. She's using Kickstarter, an online creative donation site, to pre-sell her tour. This is awesome. It means that singers won't lose money, because they can tailor their show to the people who wante to come.

Kim, also, loves connecting with her fans, and sharing her music with people. She made an appeal to bloggers (yeah, I'm not exactly a blogger, but I do write, and people read, so there.) to post about her and her music, and she responded to questions that we asked of her! So, to get a feeling of who she is... my questions and her answers:

1. What draws you to crowdsourced/internet funded tours?

I realized one day that this thing we call "crowd funding" is how all concerts work. Musicians need crowds to come to shows and pay a little bit of money each to make the show happen. Once people get to the level where they are playing in stadiums they'll cancel the tour if tickets don't sell enough. My model of pre-sold shows is unique at my level, and because I am being so upfront about the whole process. I don't think of my audience as a passive thing, an audience is a vital important part of my career and my live show. I'm just bringing the audience into the the process of putting on the show. Instead of just showing up to experience the concert, you get to be there for the whole process, from concept to execution.

2. What was your favourite part of your New York show?

The whole thing! Just that I finally got to do a big wonderful show in New York City made me so happy and grateful. I feel so lucky to have supportive fans who really get what I am doing and who want to see me succeed, as well as just enjoying my music and live show.

3. If you could sing in any city ever, where would you go?

I want to go everywhere. I'd love to go to St. Petersburg Russia again. But mostly I just want to tour and tour. I'll go wherever people want me to go - this pre-sold touring model means I can set up ticket sales in any city. Right now I'm focussed on these ten, but next time I'll expand.

So, please, especially if you're in/around Hartford (I might get a chance to be a merch girl, and you know how much I love to merch!) check out Kim's tour! She's an awesome woman with awesome music. Even if you're not around Hartford, go see her near you! Really. You won't be disappointed. She's awesome.

The tour: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland (OR), Minneapolis, New Orleans, Boston, HARTFORD, DANGIT, New York City

P.S. Getting a hurricane. I'll be fine.