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The Priestess of Baharini

A sign of her forgiveness in the form of a raven or a dove

10 December 1982
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Years have come, years have gone. Life changes in its never-ending flow of time. What do I do? A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Currently, I work in the Connecticut State Legislature as a committee clerk. Which one? I might tell you if you ask nicely.

Really, all I am is a girl with a pen, a love, and a few dreams. Welcome to my world. There aren't really any warnings on this journal, just historical, game, and personal rants.

1776, 42, alternate universes, american revolution, andalucia, books, cobalt dinnerware, connecticut state legislature, discworld, ender's game, episcopal church, extradimentional nasties, harry potter alliance, hitchhiker's guide, inexplicable love, living history, mark cohen, mark cohen/sara sidle, mark's narration, mark's scarf, mark/angel (only in au), mark/camera, moving pictures, musicals, old republic jedi, outside inn, pepper potts/jarvis, political aides, politics, post-mortem rotary founding fathers, psychic playlists, reading, rent, singing, soll dibbler, speaker for the dead, star wars, stratton, thomas silverfish, valentine wiggin, valentine wiggin/luke skywalker, vincenia